What is Anytime Golf Club?

We are a private indoor golf simulator club. We sell a limited number of memberships to golf enthusiasts to have access to the only public Full Swing Pro Series golf simulators in our market.


How much does it cost?

A monthly membership is $200. Annual memberships are $150 per month.


Why Full Swing Simulators?

We have personally tested all the simulators and launch monitors (including Trackman) that the industry has to offer. We felt that Full Swing Pro Series provided the most accurate and realistic simulator experience. We spent hours testing different simulator models hitting bad shots (sometimes on purpose) to make sure the system was able to provide a real feel.


How do I book a Demo session?

Just schedule a tentative time through the website. One of the partners will either be at the simulator to conduct the demo with you or will contact you to schedule a time when both you and they can meet.


How Does my Membership Work?

Once you sign up for a membership you will have access through the website to our facilities scheduler. You would log in and block your time on the schedule. We have 2 private bays to allow for more access.


What hours are available?

The facility is open to members 24/7. If you work night shifts or want to host a group in the evening.


Does it cost more money to bring guests?

No. There is no cost to bring friends or clients into the club.


Can I use the entire space for a larger group?

Yes. The entire space can be booked for a group event for a $25 per hour fee not to exceed 3 hours. The partition wall is removable to allow a large gathering area to host your group.


How does payment work?

For a monthly membership, your credit card or bank account will be charged at the beginning of each membership month for the month’s fee. For annual memberships, payment is only available through an ACH charge to your bank account. It will be charged at the beginning of each year for the year.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Just send us an email and we will prorate your payment for the unused time remaining.


Is it just golf?

No. We have added Full Swing's Visual Sports Package to both simulator units. This provides additional entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Some games included are Home Run Derby, Soccer Shootout and Zombie Dodgeball.


How many different courses are there I can play?

There are over 125 different golf courses available including many that are used by the PGA Tour.


How do I learn how to use the simulator and swing analysis software?

During your demo, we will give you a basic “tour” of how to use the simulator hardware and software. We will be developing a series of videos to assist further.